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As 3-character.com, we are actively involved in the domain name industry through Poyne Group, Inc. We handle nearly every aspect of domain names, including (Consulting & Purchasing & Brokering & Registering & Holding & Managing & Protecting & Monitoring & Leasing & Redirecting & Selling). Additionally we offer;

Brand Consultation and Protection Services.

A project based in

Delaware & Ankara & Kyiv

Our team is a professional in the field of domains and domain management. We are dedicated to providing you with valuable information and insights about domain names.

In today's digital age, a domain name is more than just a website address; it is a powerful asset that can significantly impact your online presence and brand identity. Choosing the right domain name is crucial for establishing credibility, attracting visitors, and fostering trust with your audience.

Our team of experts understands the importance of a well-crafted domain name and its role in shaping your online success. We are here to guide you through the domain name selection process, offering tips, best practices, and practical advice to help you make informed decisions.


Explore our references to discover the benefits of a short and memorable domain name. We will explain how a concise and catchy domain name can enhance brand recall, improve search engine visibility, and drive organic traffic to your website.


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It was a pleasure to work with Poyne Group. Their skill are very professional. Always working fast and efficiently.

Adam D'Angelo

CEO of Quora


Uncover the secrets of choosing the right domain extension. We will delve into the world of top-level domains (TLDs), including generic TLDs like .com and .net extensions. Learn how domain extensions can influence your target audience and niche market.


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We love helping entrepreneurs succeed and businesses grow

We seek companies leveraging technology to transform their industries in meaningful ways. We are equally excited deploying emerging technologies, such as the blockchain, as we are using existing technologies in novel ways. We also have access to some of the world's most brandable domain assets. We strive to combine Poyne Group's premium domain names with talented teams that bring passion, creativity, and expertise, and share our common interest in advancing the world we live in.


The strength of the right domain

3-character.com offers valuable 'properties' in the form of exclusive branded domain names. With a premium brand you open more doors, improve conversions, improve retention, and accelerate your business.

What we offer

3-character.com offers a unique opportunity to build a thriving business on the foundation of a premium domain name. We are seeking energetic and innovative teams interested in utilizing our premier domains to their fullest advantage. In addition, we bring a wealth of experience scaling companies. We help our companies across all areas of their business where needed most ranging from capital strategy, team building, networking, operational expertise, exit strategy and general mentorship. We also invest where we see opportunities to accelerate growth.


We know what it takes to start from scratch and also to run a public company because we have done it.


We understand how to pitch investors and structure deals that work for all parties.


We go deep to help our companies foster the right culture, find talent from our broad networks, and proactively build for scale.


We have raised over $250,000 of start-up growth capital and over $1 million of later stage capital for our own and other companies.




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Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, blogger, or individual looking to establish your online presence, our comprehensive resources will equip you with the knowledge and insights to make smart decisions about short domain names. At 3-character.com we are passionate about helping you unlock the potential of short domain names. Join us on this journey and harness the power of a strong domain name to achieve your online goals.